Prestina, Kosovo: (unexpected) New Years Celebration

I celebrated New Year 2015 in Prestina, Kosovo!

Driving in from Montenegro was stunning. LANDSCAPE OVERLOAD

The night Kosovo started with a strange ‘curry’. It was more of a tomato sauce and rice but it fed me up for the evening! The gathering in the main square was starting and by 11:30pm it was packed. At 12, New Years the firework display began and it nearly brought a tear to my eye. It was so basic and very amateur. There was no great backdrop to compliment the display but a grey, horrible building. But what stuck me was that the crowd were in awe. It was so meaningful for them. I was so thrilled to go into the New Year with this wholesome feeling.

The night quickly turned into memorable fun. I danced in the busy square in the circle with the people while the musicians played their traditional Balcan music on the stage! Ha ha!

The party stopped at 10am the next day.

The day time scenery is beautiful in the country side of Kosovo. The mountains are absolutely breath taking..

Though the excitement soon died…

Warning: Listen to Uncle Google. Do not try and take the short road into Serbia. It is not a border. You will drive for 4 hours only to be turned away and told to drive through Macedonia to get to Serbia. I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!

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