London as well as several cities and countries around the world is now in lockdown.

This is the first time in the history of our lives we’ve experienced a global crisis of such impact. Our lives have changed for the foreseeable future and some worse then others.

As the end of the month approaches panic is beginning to rise at a rapid rate. Rents, bills and payments are all due. There are many people worried about their livelihoods.

I don’t expect you to watch this with a beaming smile, or eager enthusiasm and I don’t expect you to take action immediately on what I am about to say. All that I ask is that you keep an open mind, so watch it to the end so you can make up your own mind.

Sitting here in my apartment in London, with my businesses which I love closed for the foreseeable future, I’ve felt myself beginning to decline into a pit of despair, self pity and an unmotivated mindset. That feel good feeling that I had at the beginning of the year, that 2020 was going to be absolutely incredible is almost non-existent. But I won’t let myself go there.

I would like to share with you my 4 tips for staying Happy and Healthy during the corona virus epidemic. These principles should also be applied when the virus is no longer a threat.

Staying Positive Through Corona Virus.

2020 had a ring to it. 2020 vision indicated to most of us that we’re going to live our best lives with clarity and focus which will essentially lead to success. 2019 was a huge step up for game changing and positive movements within equality, race, entrepreneurism, travel, self confidence and self discovery. Towards the end of 2019 most of us were clear on how we wanted the next year to play out. Things that were pulling us back, such as negativity and bad habits were swiftly cut out of our lives.

These are testing times. No matter what – put yourself back in that fire mindset. Bring your thinking pattern back to positivity. By no means should you become ignorant to the current epidemic, but do not let yourself slip. I know it is hard, and if you’re in lockdown you most likely are bored or idle. Bad news is all around us, and it is effecting all of us personally. I think of my grandmother consistently, in 12 week isolation all alone with underlying health issues. Bored, unhappy and scared.

A lot of masks have cracked and some have come off. People who were before jovial, warm and friendly are now hostile, mean and rude. Social distance yourselves from these people online or in person. They have slipped and they will pull you down with them if you lend them your hand. If you come across such drastic change in behaviour which appear mean, or stupid you must be careful not let it annoy or distress you but to look upon it merely as an addition of your knowledge a new fact to be considered in studying the character of humanity.

Nurture and maintain your positive mindset, keep reminding yourself of the incredible person you are, your fabulous goals, and treat the people around you with kindness so that when this is over, you’re able to pick up where you left off – or better.

Thank you very much for watching my first tip on how to stay happy and healthy during these strange and unpredictable times.

Wheeling back a bit, I’ve been busy all my life, aside from business, I’ve traveled the world and had podcasts, blogs and so on. I’m using this time to fall back in love with my craft at its core, connecting with people worldwide.

Share this video with your loved ones, friends and family and if you need any 1 to 1 advice about how to maintain a positive mindset then you can request a free call with me on my website and I will listen and advise where I can.

Stay positive and take care