The most beautiful beach near Maputo

Let’s just start by saying that this beach is absolutely stunning!

Watch the Maputo video that we put out recently to have had a chance to gaze on its beauty. It’s clean, quiet, sunny and secluded.

Now it is winter in Africa, fair enough and maybe thats why some places feel a little more quiet than it might during the summer but we aren’t complaining. Coming froma Canadian and a Brit the weather was pretty damn nice and the experience there was nothing short of perfect!

How we got to Macaneta Beach

It started off with being picked up by some guy who was only two hours late with a truck full of his friends…

Along the drive from Maputo he picked up picked up a number of others for the drive out of the city to Macaneta; about and hour and a half away. The sun was near setting and the landscape was beautiful. The ride was packed (of course due to extra passengers and all of our gear) but never the less it was beautiful. We took couple of detours into some towns where locals were staying to pick up and drop off people prior to arriving at our location by the water.

We were told that 4×4 vehicles would be necessary in the region and that was not an understatement. We were on all types of terrain to get to our spot for the week. We arrived just before the sun went completely down so we had enough light to see just the outlines of our home for the next few days. The property was quiet and well taken care of; our little studio apartment was perfect with a rooftop to stargaze. We were starving so we got to cooking and then checked out the stars before heading to bed.


Our breathtaking snug accommodation in Macaneta

Some things worth mentioning…

Our little studio is that it was the perfect size; if we ever had neighbours we didn’t see them or hear them, we were able to cook amazing meals and eat them on our little patio, we could workout on the rooftop balcony under the sun and the beach was a thirty second walk over a sand dune. (which might we mention added the best amount of drama to reveal the beach) and last but not least, there was no internet! What a great way to start off a trip in a new place, disconnect…

What do to in Macaneta

(Crisis Alert!) On day two or three we ran out of drinking water!!

…and decided to go on a little walk down the beachside to find somewhere that could sell us a bottle – a task that we imagined to be a lot more simple than it was. Not to say it was difficult, it just proved to be a longer walk than we anticipated! We had mapped ourselves out to walk down the beach along the water and hopefully come to a TINY beach village (let us be clear we were not expecting anything big just perhaps a few shops and hotels) What we did end up at was a very strange and what appeared to be exclusive private resort. We walked on it anyway and asked if there was somewhere that we could buy some water. One of the staff kind of chuckled and mentioned that we could walk up the main road to the town nearest and grab some water there. So thats exactly what we did.

Most of the walk was on sand and in direct sun but it was a beautiful day, we were in no rush and we were in need of some water so thats exactly what we did! We ended up walking for an additional hour and saw a lady carrying a subwoofer on her head, a couple kids doing headstand competitions and a guy driving a ATV up and down a street with a kid for about twenty minutes straight. All in all it was an eventful walk and even though we found the town we only ended up leaving with a little bit of water, tomatoes, onion, lemon, some gin and some tonic. The walk back was much more eventful because since we had steered so far away from the water we really didn’t have much of an idea of how to get back to our spot or how far out we really had walked. We decided to walk straight in the direction of our spot and then head inward until we could hear water and then walk along there until we found our spot. Sure enough it worked and we made it back with a total of about 4 hours walking under our belt. Turned out there was a bunch of shops just up the road from us that we could have stopped at for water and other odds and ends. ALL GOOD!

Macaneta beach trip overview

Everyday in Macaneta was more than we could have asked for

…it didn’t rain once, it was super affordable, it was quiet and calm just what we needed to start off our trip in Mozambique and soon the rest of East Africa. Our only troubles was getting there and back from the city but honestly, transportation in Mozambique is still an issue all around for us, so we don’t really think it would have made much of a difference where we wanted to go it was going to be a challenge; but at least it was a worthwhile one!



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Abandoned buildings, beautiful beaches, great music and more is what we thoroughly enjoyed in Maputo. We spent a month there and time went by so fast!

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