(2018) Malta Travel Guide: Weekend Trip

Have you ever dated someone who was easy,  very beautiful, lovely, friendly, really really nice but just a bit slow? That’s Malta in human form.

It brings me joy that I can write a post about a whole country, as oppose to breaking up my post by cities. Malta is really that small..

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Malta is one of those destinations perfect for any type of tourist: Solo traveler, couples, group and family. You only need to do a few things; grab your map (paper version), get a bus pass, explore Malta and enjoy. It is that easy, stress free, friendly and all the good vibes u need.

I travelled to Malta from London to escape the snow Storm Emma which has been messing up my flow recently. I am not a cold weather person so I bought a return flight for around £130 and was off. Jam packed schedules never hold me back. It makes everything a little more dramatic, and I love a bit of drama. I stayed in a boutique hostel in the calm and quiet side of St Julian which was a great base. I even rented a quad bike for the first time which was amazing although I nearly crashed head on with a car.

Weekend in Malta itinerary

Day 1.

Dingli Cliffs
Blue Lagoon
St Julian

Day 2.

Milehetta Beach
Popeye Village* (I didn’t make it because the bus wasn’t running)

Communication & Language

A great thing about malta is that everybody speaks English. You will note though that the Maltese language is super random, that is my honest opinion. It sounds like a fusion of italian, Arabic and english. When (most of) the Maltese speak English they have a bit of a cockney east London accent. So strange…


By the way, i didn’t have one decent meal in Malta. Just saying… If any vegans ate well in Malta let me know what I missed please because I plan to return

Best travel Destination in Europe?

There is many adjectives i could use to explain in detail how gorgeous Malta is so I’ll let you see for yourself. The following photos will paint you a picture of the outstanding beauty that Malta possesses




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