Maputo, Mozambique

We stayed in a couple of places, met a couple of faces and did a lot of grocery shopping! Maputo is pretty easy to navigate around by foot, it’s safe to walk at night and it is pretty much a big grid making it quite easy to navigate. All of the places we stayed were clean and well decorated but honestly sleeping at night in Maputo is challenging, EVERYONE has a dog, and they bark ALL NIGHT! If you can cook and you’re vegan you’re set, but if you don’t know how to cook and you want to go eat at restaurants.. good luck!! Almost everything has cheese or you should consider brushing up on your Portuguese so you can ask about the ingredients. I can honestly say that everyone we met was genuinely nice, always eager to lend a hand or show you something exciting, it was really refreshing for a big city.

Visa for Maputo

Prior to arriving in Maputo, both of us were coming from different countries with different Passports (one Canadian and one UK) and we had only read nightmarish information online about the process. Everyone was saying there is no set price, you need to have a number of vaccinations etc. The only painful part of the Visa process for both of us coming into Maputo was that only one person was issuing them!! The line took a bit of time and I personally looked AWFUL after 20+ hours travelling from Toronto hahah. Otherwise the process was easy and it was $50 USD, no vaccination proof required and nobody gave either of us a hard time (we travelled to the country different days)

Maputo to South Africa

Upon deciding to leave Maputo it was a little last minute. We were torn between taking a challenging or expensive trip to the North of the country or leaving by the weekend.. I think it was Thursday that we were still trying to decide. We needed stronger wifi, we had some other things that we wanted to purchase and one of our laptops was pretty shot to the ground. Needless to say we decided to head to Johannesburg by bus. Getting the ticket was only slightly challenging with Intercape; mainly because you can’t purchase online and they have two different offices in the city one for sales and one for… ? I actually don’t know.. but thats where the bus picked us up. We got on the bus and didn’t know it was going to stop as many times as it did but eventually we got to the South African border which was pretty painless as well. A little bit of waiting in line and presto we are on the other side waiting for our bus. We both got 90 days in South Africa even though we had just visited for Kruger Park a few weeks back.

Accommodation in Maputo

If you’re doing couchsurfing or Airbnb it is pretty easy to get an accommodation quickly and locally. The airbnb’s weren’t too expensive, they were clean but they lacked strong wifi and hot water! That was a little painful considering the majority of our work is done online and well who doesn’t love a clean shower? As mentioned before dogs would bark all night so that was a little frustrating for a light sleeper but all the beds were comfy and clean. We stayed for a week at Fatima’s hostel which was great, the environment was quiet as they put us in the house across from the backpackers and there was grocery shopping right around the corner. We also did couchsurfing for a week and met a great pair, they were helpful, friendly and brought us to Kruger for a weekend. It was awesome getting to see the city from Mozambicans born and raised!

Things to do in Maputo

There was a ton to do in Maputo, although if you don’t meet the right people you might miss out on some of the really cool events. Maputo isn’t huge on the internet and so when it came to art events and live music we got most of our recommendations from word of mouth. There is a lot of walking that can be done and since its safe its a pleasure to do. The beach is in the city so thats a major plus and there is a lot of markets and museums. The other great help was the Moz Info group on facebook, I was able to post a question in there pretty much anytime of the day or night and someone would happily answer!

Food in Maputo

So we come from a pretty bias position when it comes to food because we are vegan but most places (if someone spoke English well enough) would accommodate our diet which was great, cheesiness pizza, Thai drunken noodles without oyster sauce etc! There is a pretty strong Portuguese influence on a lot of their food which means a lot of chicken and cheese from my experience reading the menu’s. If you can cook and enjoy it, you’ll have no problem with finding fresh produce and grocery stores!

Beaches in Maputo

I am going to assume that because its winter in Africa thats why the beaches were near empty all the time, but Maputo was still pretty warm and there was a couple of days that I definitely looked like a tourist laying there in a bathing suit while some locals walk past me with a parka and scarf on but hey! It was Canadian summer weather and I was gonna soak up as much of it as I could! The beaches were clean and quiet and really easy to get to.. I mean with the exception of Macaneta Beach which required a 4×4! I can’t say what they are like in the summer but I would imagine popping!!!


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