(unexpected) Milan Travel Experience

I think that Milan is an overrated city to travel to.

Jan, 2015
I am in Milan. The only thing that interests me is the prospect of meeting somebody interesting.. Also its so modelly that sometimes I even feel like I could be scouted as a supermodel (haha wishful thinking) Otherwise.. Its just this big shopping city.

For breakfast/lunch I went with some guys I met to a pizza place called Spontini. I do not recommend this place for the healthy stomach! It is greasy with thick bread, and drenched in cheese. It made my stomach growl. Still, very busy full of locals and tourists. 6euros for the amount of pizza in the picture

As you walk closer to the Duomo the more model-y and fashion-y it gets. Yesterday I did alot of city walking and nothing really impressed me. But still somehow.. its better then Venice.

Besides, today is rainy and grey. Yesterday’s weather was nice. I put my heel into the bulls balls and spun around 3 times for luck. There was a bit of confusion if I should use my right leg of left.. as Italians dont speak much English they seem to think that the louder they talk the more I understand.. It got a bit much. Then people started clapping when I was done.. A bit strange, but nothing harmful! Do that if your in Milan.

I walked into the Duomo and it was interesting. Very magnificent but the projectors and upscale speakers kind of kill the vibe. But I never realised how much the smell of a church is so tantalising!

After all the walking, enroute back to the apartment I am staying in, a quick coffee break was needed in a place called Pave. It was perfect!  A perfect way to end the day. I ordered a sparkling water with bread and homemade jam. I am a bread-o-holic so its a big deal. The bread was perfect. It was brown, with the perfect chew. They were explaining to me something about the yeast.. Kinda tuned out. But still.. the jam was nice and the setting was “shabby chic” whatever that means but it was fresh and cosy.


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