My festival buddy pulled out at the last minute due to a sudden death in his family.

Going to a festival alone

I really considered not going because the idea of going to huge festival alone is a bit daunting. I’ve done it before spontaneously while travelling but never planned. These things are definitely better with friends.
Anyway – I went to the festival alone (but was never alone)

Although I knew I had friends scattered around (some of who I didn’t even see) I did get a little paranoid that people were looking at me wondering why I’m alone. They probably think I’m a crazy girl! In fact someone even asked me if I’m a gangster girl. After considering this I’ve decided that I could be.

The flight from London was 1hr late because we had to change planes due to an engine failure. When we landed I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer so I took a taxi to the festival. That cost €55. I also bought 3 bottles of Jaegermeister and champagne along with brown bread, sun dried tomatoes and hummus to last throughout. And it did.

Mala the Rasta was the first person I met. He obviously could see I was in need of something because I was looking around. I needed a tent! (My friend who I was due to go with was going to bring it / I heard I could buy one in the festival). My friend who was also there had a tent but hooked up so she preferred for her hook up to share. She told me via text when I got to the festival! Whatever. I didn’t even bump into her once. Funny thing, it turns out that Mala the Rasta needed a tent too. He’d already arranged to buy an already pitched up tent and said I could share. So I did. I hate pitching tents, I’ve never actually personally done it but it looks long. From being alone, having no tent to being with company and having a tent. This was within 5minutes of arriving.

Some of you are probably thinking that I trust people too easily. I do. I 100% felt comfortable after having a minutes conversation with Mala. What’s the point of being alone for no reason. Plus he helped me out! The tent was in the best location as Summerjam is HUGE and camping goes on for miles. So I had a great stroke of luck!
…until I was told that it was a stolen tent from the other side of the festival. That was my last night in that tent…

I spent the first night with Mala and even though I occasionally bumped into people I knew I didn’t stray from him. He’s the most gentle human ever and a great dancer. He didn’t even try to hit on me. But I did something bad. I got him drunk and smoked all his weed. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be an issue. I wouldn’t feel bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he (nearly 30) had never drank alcohol in his life due to his religion and I persuaded him to drink half a bottle of Jaegermeister

The next morning changed my vibe up an it just got better. I became friends with my camping neighbours in the morning. They were totally cool, all 8 of them! And from London too so there was an instant connection. They filled me in about the tent thieves/hustle and told me that they had a free tent with an air bed and I could have it alone. Sweet, I took it. As it was only a few tents down Mala and I remained neighbours though i went alone. Another stroke of awesome luck. From thereon I spent the festival with this big group which included a female reggae singer! Awesome!

Festivals alone, but never alone…

Summerjam festival itself was a blast. A few reggae heads didn’t like it and said that it could have been better. True, it rained a lot but I thought it was great. Hats and jackets exist for a reason. I am very loyal to festivals, I definitely make the most of my time and TURN UP.

Turning all the way up is my specialty. I love it. Dancing on the stage or on the table is my favourite hobby. For some reason I need to be high up. What’s funny is I’m not the best dancer! I am not a competing dancehall queen. But who cares..

Other things that happened:

– I kissed a German girl

– I kissed an English guy

– (Not at the same time)

– I spent about €150 for the 3 days

– A creep whispered in my ear ‘whatever happens in Summerjam stays in Summerjam’ i still don’t know who that was but they had a scary voice

– I introduced myself as Sky, not Celina. I’ve wanted to start doing it for a while. I like it. It felt right.

Doubts – I did question myself. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too free. Financially free, free time, sexually free, mentally free. I started to wonder if this is why I’m still single.

I automatically judge that people can’t handle me and my ways. I even started to question the word; Stable. I’m comfortable like this, but it doesn’t seem normal. Here is the mind fuck, because I think I’m wry normal. My thoughts and actions are my own. No fear. Should there be a balance? Or is that the weed making me think too much. (Why I never smoke unless I’m at a festival, I hate overthinking)

I really enjoyed myself. Going to festivals alone is awesome! It’s not first choice but it definitely wouldn’t discourage me. It shouldn’t discourage you. Solo travellers, do your thing. Intergrating is easy. If any readers wanna share my tent at the next festival let me know!

Here are some pics: