So what exactly are we doing in Mozambique?

If youu2019ve been following us for a while you know that we have a deep appreciation for travel and experience; culture and diversity. When you tell people youu2019re in Africa so many have a picture in their mind that is only a fraction of the content. Upon arriving in Maputo, Mozambique youu2019ll stumble upon bustling city streets, music and food! Weu2019ve met so many amazing people and seen an abundance of wonderful live music, stuff you feel all the way through your bones, art that makes you think and provoking conversations that inspire us to think larger and differently.

While weu2019ve been out here two members of our team have been spearheading a new project that have briefly introduced via the blog we know youu2019re going to love! Warriors of Action; our sister company and there is an amazing project just around the corner from being released; Women of Africa. A collective of woman from right here in Mozambique doing amazing things, shaking up their country, breaking new grounds, exploring creativity and soon to be touching the hearts of so many more viewers around the world. We are so grateful to be a part of this assignment and cannot wait for it to be shared!

Stay tuned to what we have coming up. Mozambique was an abundance of love, inspiration and beauty; also keep an eye out for the WOA blogs, there will be plenty of topics and you won’t want to miss them.

Much love from the Rawcadia Team