This trip failed terribly. But it is fun to look back at this account of when my plan was initially.

read the updated account on the failure here

My plan is to sail from the UK to West Africa. I will take it easy by cruising along the way and stopping for however long I want. I figure that I’ll visit 16 countries and countless cities (European and West Africa). From West Africa, depending on mood, conditions, weather and impulse I will either continue around Africa or cut across to Caribbean to indulge in hopping through all of the islands and major relaxing. There are thousands of islands in the Caribbean so I can’t put a number on how many places we may visit.
At this point I should point out that I am not going alone. Fernando is coming. A dear friend.

The route for planning this trip started a month ago in June. I pretty much am the journey planner, thank the skies that Fernando is so chilled. We’re not really interested in historical routes or party islands. If we were we would be in Ibiza, Croatia, Cyprus etc.. Africa and the Caribbean interest us highly. The culture, the food and the learning/growth experience. We plan to detour whenever we feel like it too.

This is the idea. The grand plan. But as I know from experience that planning a trip to the letter is a recipe for disappointment. In light of this, we are flexible to make safe changes.


Our adventure begins where our boat is. Faversham, Kent.
From Faversham we have outlined a route to Ramsgate, Dover, Rye, Newhaven, Brighton, Little Hampton, Chichester, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Poole and the last stop is Falmouth.

In all honestly, I told Fernando that I’d like to skip some UK cities if possible so we can start enjoying the sun more.

Crossing The Bay of Biscay. Falmouth to A Coruña, Spain.
For some people hearing the words Bay of Biscay makes them tremble and beg God for forgiveness*.The Bay of Biscay is known for its heavy winds and storms. I read a post that people wait up to two weeks from Falmouth for a weather window to cross The Bay of Biscay. Needless to say this will be my first real test on the waters.

We plan to sail down the coast of Spain from A Coruña to the bottom of Portugal passing numerous cities and towns in between such as Vigo and Pontevedra (Spain).

Portugal is my favourite country in Europe. Hands down it ticks every box possible from food to atmosphere to beauty to people, to culture to nightlife. Fernando has never been to Portugal but he will love it. As we sail to the bottom of Portugal we will visit spots like Porto, Lisbon, Lagos, Faro, Tavira. I just hope I don’t get sidetracked in Portugal as I have many friends there. This is where I started my bike trip around Europe 2 years ago.

We’ve both travelled through Morocco in previous years on foot. I’ve been to about 30 cities, towns and villages there but never Essaouira الصويرة. I heard that they have a beautiful beach and this is where the world music festival takes place so I imagine a great musical culture.
There is a little island called Ile de Mogador جزيرة موغادور close to Essaouira which supposing has some interesting structures. It’s actually two islands and several tiny islets – also known as the famed Îles Purpuraires (Purple Isles) of antiquity. The uninhabited islands are a sanctuary for Eleonora’s falcons, which can also be easily seen through binoculars from Essaouira beach *

Canary Islands
From Essaouira الصويرة we’ll go to the Canary Islands. These 7 rugged islands are known for their black- and white-sand beaches, varied resorts and balmy climate. I look forward to a lot in the Canary Islands, including cooking food over a volcano, hiking, swimming with sea life and partying.

Nouakchott نواكشوط is our first stop in West Africa.

Both Fernando and I have friends in Dakar, Senegal. We are so excited to see them and visit the culture. I anticipate a lot of fun!

Cape Verde

The Gambia



Sierra Leonne


Côte d’Ivoire





At this point we will have decided whether we want to continue along and around Africa to Madagascar or backtrack and head towards the Caribbean.

Africa means a lot to us. Fernando is Venezuelan and has a strong connection and interest in his African roots, same with me. We both understand and love our culture but yearn to discover more. We also are highly conscious that the overall portrayal of Africa is Westernised due the sensationalization from the media. We’d like to show you true Africa through our eyes.

During this trip my aim is to learn and grow. Through people, new environments, books, music and more. As if life was a game, I would like to win a bundle of experience points whilst picking up bonus points and finding secret passages along the way. We will intergrate with the locals and communities as if we were born there. Help where we can and make new friends who will open new doors for us.

p.s. If you’re reading this and live in any of the countries mentioned please feel free to DM me on instagram @celthegreat or email I would love to connect etc..

It starts today. Tuesday 12 July 2016.
15th anneversary of my mothers passing