Many months before I arrived in Slovenia my personal life took a sudden sharp turn for the worse but with time I recovered and I was back in my usual great place, but not for long. Then after, without warning an extremely painful unexpected event in Paris occurred which straight up broke me into pieces and I was – without question, disoriented for a very long time. The daily pangs, the constant blame, anger flushes, smiles of denial masking tears and circles of dead-end reasoning. I had the feeling I was standing all alone, and my state of mind wasn’t changing any time soon. I was bargaining with thin air and desperately needed to be somewhere new and distracting where nobody knew me so I went on and booked the first flight out to anywhere.

I was the first on the plane and the first out the airport. Eager is an understatement – i just had to leave London and arrive in Ljubljana asap

I’m glad I am writing this years later because my memories of visiting Slovenia are now centered around the beauty of the little country, the hospitable people I met and the light-hearted adventures I had there. I chose Slovenia by chance, it was actually out of Slovenia and Slovakia which at the time were same difference to me – they are both small (random) countries in Europe which I could fly to cheaply from London.

Slovenia is a pretty little country. From above it looks like a fairytale, with castles, bridges and statues of dragons. I went during the icy white winter when it was freezing cold and snowing. You know me – I hate the cold, but these were desperate times so I didn’t care about below zero weather. I may have been one of the handful of black people that some of the locals had ever seen in real life but it was ok, they are polite and didn’t touch – unlike the Asians… What is great is that it is tiny, so you can easily visit it in 1 week – though I stayed for around 3 weeks to get a real feel for the place. Besides.. I had no pressing matters elsewhere.

I stayed with V, a great great guy – actually one of my besties today. He’s brilliant and so is his family. He showed me around Ljubljana, a few cool night spots, Lake Bled and a few off track places. We went for hikes and every day I dined with his family. It was so nice, it was exactly what I needed.

To V: You may not have realised it – but you helped me a lot. Our days together were more than amazing and filled joy into the empty hollow hole in my heart that was broken. The day trips and the conversations, the food, wine and the spliffs. Thank you, thank you all.

At that period Slovenia was the first destination out of many that followed and believe or not, my trip got a lot more interesting, tough and outrageous once I left. Perhaps I should have stayed there longer.

You may wonder what exactly happened in Paris that broke my heart and wrecked my mental state? Or, you may wonder what happened before Paris that caused the event in Paris… With time you will find out. I’ll write about it

Photos from a random time in freezing cold Slovenia

Lake Bled     

Random village near Lake Bled

Climbing (a bit scared) up to somewhere