If you haven’t been to Maputo you might be asking yourself “what is there for me to do there?” And to be quiet honest we sort of asked ourselves the same question. Of course we knew we wanted to meet locals, eat local vegan grub and check out the art scene and nightlife but until we were planning on getting there we really hadn’t heard all that much about the wonderful city of Maputo.

When you google Mozambique there is a lot of conflicting information; from visa requirements, crime and beaches… nothing really points you in the direction of “oh man, I need to get out there ASAP!” But true to Rawcadia nature, we do not shy away from the countries less spoken about or the places that people shy away from; instead we run toward them. We want to see what others don’t, we want to talk to others won’t and we want to capture the beauty that people are missing out on. We aren’t telling you to go anywhere but my goodness if you have the chance you definitely should check out all that Mozambique has to offer.

Although we didn’t make it all the way north we definitely spent a good chunk of time in the south in the city of Maputo and here is what we want to share with you about it (in no particular order)

Maputo Central Market

try your bidding with some local produce

We absolutely loved the Central Market and found so many great fruits and vegetables at the most reasonable cost. Yes there is a bit of a language barrier but you make due; figuring out numbers and names of essentials in the native language is probably the best thing you can do if you plan on living like a local! Our assumption is that anything that is available is whats in season and we are totally into that! The market is centrally located (of course) and has a ton of options from produce, spices and hair products, even a few vendors selling decorative items.

Parque Dos Continuadores;

botanicals, artist market and strong coffee

This by far was one of the best days we had in Maputo; we went on a Friday morning and it was peaceful; it started to get busy as we left but when we first stumbled upon the waving pieces of art while on a photography walk we couldn’t help but detour into the park. We definitely weren’t expecting to spend as much time as we did in there! It was absolutely stunning. There was artwork everywhere, beautifully printed clothing, woodworkers crafting and a surprise botanical garden! We walked in and did a quick walk around before sitting down for some coffee, it was strong and delicious! While taking in all that was happening so quietly around us we took some time to let the sun warm our skin and listen to chimes and feel the breeze. Walking around was an absolute joy, there was so much beautiful art to see and everything was so colourful. After taking an unexpected turn in the park there was a big botanical shop.. rather a bunch of vendors selling their most beautiful plants and flowers; walking through the alleys there was butterflies and dragonflies everywhere!


art and live music

Franco also known as Centro Cultural Franco- Mozambique is a wonderful venue in Maputo that has both cultural and art events going on all the time. We went on a Friday and were lucky enough to see an abundance of live performances by local artist. We were told that anytime you’re looking for something to do you will be able to find something at the cultural centre. There was a couple of different art exhibits going on at the time as well. They have workshops, special events and so much more.

Architectural Tour

abandoned and brand new

Now we aren’t sure if this is an official thing but if it isn’t it definitely needs to become one! There is so much history and architecture to be seen in Maputo. There are new buildings going up everywhere but there is also so many old colonial structures still standing that are so unique. We didn’t see any two houses the same and the iron that protects a lot of these houses is really inarticulacy designed. There are also walking tours of the Mafalala neighbourhood which has a lot of history and Iron Houses which are the more original structures to the region.

Maputo beachside

take a ride along the beach and buy yourself some fresh coconut water!

Who doesn’t love some fresh coconut juice?! Better yet you get to watch it be chopped by machete with skill and precision before you start sipping; and to top it off you’ve got this incredible coastal view of the beach and the sand between your toes? Look one direction and it’s sand and water as far as your eyes can see, fishermen and little boats all around – look the opposite direction and you can see the city line, big fancy houses flanking the hills and construction cranes galore. It’s a city on the rise with the calm of beach life.

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Abandoned buildings, beautiful beaches, great music more is what I thoroughly enjoyed in Maputo. We spent a month there and time went by so fast!

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