Getting around in Mozambique

We definitely aren’t going to pretend to be the experts on this because getting around Mozambique takes either; time, money or patience… and when you only have 30 days on a visa and a lot you want to do and see it can be challenging to have any of those things.

Is Mozambique Worth the money, time or effort?

To put it shortly, yes but you plan right!

If you don’t plan right, the problem is you can fork out the money but then you might not have the time, it is a huge country with A LOT to see and from our experience you need more than 30 days; quite a lot more than 30 days. We spent out 30 days from beginning to end looking for realistic ways to get to the North, or at least the middle of the country and if we had had more time than driving would have probably been our best option – problem is, everyone tells us that the roads are less than exceptional and that if you don’t have a 4×4 you are going to run into issues.

So lets get a truck!

next problem is..

You get the truck and make it all the way to the North but have to bring the truck all the way back down to the south.. not the most realistic when you only have 30 days!!! Rental cars in Mozambique are pretty much all independent companies, which means that they don’t have more than one drop off location! 

While we would definitely get a car we have also been told by many people that there are a ton of incomplete roads and really bad potholes, you don’t want to drive at night for safety precautions and don’t forget, no matter how far North you get with that car; you gotta get back down South to drop it off…

Alright, lets get on the plane

again, shouldn’t be a problem to board a domestic flight in Mozambique

The problem is that the flights are expensive, they don’t always run daily and if you want to get to another country after Mozambique you’re going to have to fly back to Maputo since that is their “flight hub”. So when you’re travelling on a budget this makes things a little difficult because not only is the North extremely beautiful, it is honeymoon destination thus making accommodations also expensive. If you want to see multiple places in the north expect to spend a lot in airfare since the roads are worse than in the South.

The last solution, and likely the most realistic is a combi

this is likely what we would have done if we didn’t have so much photography gear

because if your bus breaks down at 4 am which we were also told, happens frequently than that isn’t really the best situation. There are some “chartered” buses that you can take but they too aren’t that reliable, breakdowns or overcrowding issues. If you do choose to take the bus to the North recognize that you will likely be spending a few days in transit with many transfers.

This wasn’t so much advice, rather than a cry for help!

Who has travelled Mozambique, how did you do it?

How much money did you spend?

How many times did you cross the boarder so you could get 30 more days??

We want to know and hear from you! We plan on heading back to Mozambique and considered coming in from the North side just so we can avoid the issues of travelling from the Southern tip. Comment and let us know! We are more than curious.

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