Having dreadlocks may be one of the most convenient travel hair dos.

No need to wash, no need to brush, and above all – dreads can play host to all those little souvenirs you wouldn’t know what else to do with…. be it shells, beads, feathers or beautiful fabrics. Even Celina (editor) had fauxlocs for a while!

Best ways to wear locs while carrying a back-pack

On the very top of your head

You may feel like your holding a bird’s nest on your head, but the sheer freedom of having it out of the way when carrying a heavy load is worth it!

In a side plait

This is a neat way to wear your hair, and best of all, there is no pressure placed on the individual dreads, meaning you won’t get those sad dents and kinks running down them. It also makes it easy to toss the whole lot over your shoulder.

Double Micky Mouse buns

for a little fun, divide your locs into 2 parts and twirl each half into buns on the top of your head.

To avoid constant frustration in transit, don’t keep them out, trust me. 

Best ways wear locs when wanting to be fairly inconspicuous

I’m not saying you should hide who you are, but on occasion, it might be beneficial to tone down your ‘wacky’ hair, especially in fairly religious areas, conservative places or when visiting grandparents…

In a low bun

grab your locs and loop them around themselves, tucking them in with an elastic resting on the back of your neck.


In a singular plait

working from the crown of your head down to the back, section your locs into 3 parts; grab 3 to 4 dreads at a time and work your way down, until all are tucked neatly into a fat plait. This hairstyle is beautiful from behind, and from the front it can be hard telling what kind of hair you have.

Best ways to wear locs without hassle – daily dos

Two low ponytails

Divide your locs into 2 equal sections, grab a strong dread and wrap it around that half, repeat on the other side. No elastics needed.

Relaxed tie up

this style turns out different every time. Basically, grab a handful of locs and tuck them into another handful. Continue shoving dreads until it feels stable.

With a fabric head band

It’s as simple as putting your locs in a loose high bun, and wrapping a scarf around it…  super comfy!

Out and proud

nothing beats of head of hair flowing freely, so let your locs flowwww!

Having dreadlocks when exploring the world is a blast… the conversations that bloom, the people you meet, the uses… they’re all endless. If you are ever without a pillow – your locs are there to help you through. If ever you’re cold around your neck… your locs are there for you. If you’re ever bored… Your locs are there to be maintained.

Locs are a go!