Vegan Wine: The Ultimate List

I like to drink socially or alone, when i eat and when i am happy, I enjoy a drink as much as the next person, so here is the frustrating thing

Many companies refine and clarify their wines and champagnes with non-vegan filling agents.

They use this process to remove bad flavors or unsightly elements while creating “fine” wines. After much research, I compiled this list along with great resources to assist us in avoiding these animal by products.

Some by-products that could be lurking in non-vegan conventional  beer and wines are:

  • isinglass (fish bladder by-products)
  • blood 
  • egg whites
  • casein (milk protein)
  • gelatin (derived from bones and connective tissues)
  • fish gelatin
  • egg albumin
  • chitin/chitosan (derived for the shells of crabs or lobsters)

Below is some information to help you to choose the best vegan wine while on your travels, and at home

Vegan Wine List: UK

Belgars Ginger Mulled Wine
Belgars Traditional Mulled Wine
Berryleaf Falls Red
Bothy White Wines
Breaky Bottom Kir Royal NV
Breaky Bottom Sparkling Brut 2005
Breaky Bottom Sparkling Brut 2006
Breaky Bottom Sparkling Brut 2007
Breaky Bottom Sparkling Brut 2008 – Chardonnay/Pinot
Breaky Bottom Sparkling Brut 2008 – Seyval Blanc
Broadland Cherry Fruit & Country Wine
Broadland Elderberry Fruit & Country Wine
Broadland Elderflower Fruit & Country Wine
Broadland Ginger Fruit & Country Wine
Broadland Sloe Fruit & Country Wine
Broadland Strawberry Fruit & Country Wine
Camel Valley Wine
Chat-en-Oeuf 2012 Blanc French White Wine
Chat-en-Oeuf 2012 French Red Wine
Chat-en-Oeuf 2012 French Rosé Wine
Chocolate Drop Mulled Wine
Chocolate Drop Red Wine
Cromwell British Fortified Wine
Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge 2016
Denbies Wines
Digby Fine English 2009 Reserve Brut
Digby Fine English 2009 Rose Brut
Digby Fine English 2010 Blanc De Noirs Brut
Digby Fine English 2010 Vintage Brut
Festival Wines Online

Vegan Wine List: USA


We can identify vegan wines by reading the label, looking for the words “vegan” and “unfiltered” printed on the label.



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